Purpose of Establishment

The Japanese economy is expected to show long-term growth despite slight ups and downs. People's lives in our society have been improving in recent years. To maintain this growth, it is essential to promote the development and education of our country's youth.

However, there are many young people who miss out on opportunities to learn due to unfortunate events despite their outstanding talent and determination. Moreover, while technological innovation and areas of research require expansion, it is often difficult to obtain research funds. If these points are not corrected, Japan will not be able to grow properly as a developed nation.

Takenaka Corporation has decided to establish the Takenaka Scholarship Foundation to donate 200 million yen based on the intention of helping to solve the above problems.

Therefore, the Takenaka Scholarship Foundation was established with the purpose of promoting the development of Japanese youth and technology so we could contribute to society through these activities.

(From the Prospectus of the Takenaka Scholarship Foundation, founded on December 20, 1961)

The foundation was established based on the will of its founder and first president, Toemon Takenaka.

In 1959, on the 60th anniversary of taking over his father's business, Toemon (then the advisor of Takenaka Corporation) stated, "Takenaka has been able to succeed in the construction business for a long time not only because of our efforts, but also because the general public has understood, trusted and watched over us. I am ever grateful for such support. I would like to do work that contributes to society." His strong will to "give back our profits to society" became the cornerstone of the foundation's establishment.