Scholarship for Studying Abroad

To celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2011, the Takenaka Scholarship Foundation started helping students who study abroad. Three to five students from the top six universities in Japan are awarded every year. The scholarship supports tuition with living and travel expenses for up to five years.

■ Amount of Scholarship:

1. Actual costs of tuition up to ¥2.5 million per year.

2. Living and travel expenses determined in accordance with our regulations up to ¥2 million per year.

■ Period:

The shortest term of study for obtaining a degree from the host university.
2 years for a master’s degree. 3 years for a doctoral degree. In general, a maximum of 5 years.

■ Essential Requirements:

1. Aiming to obtain a master's or doctoral degree at an overseas university or an equivalent qualification approved by our foundation for studying abroad.

2. Must major in natural science or fields applying it.

■ Note:

Applicants can apply for different scholarships, but if they receive our payments, they cannot get other scholarships.